REFLECTIONS: Sixties Counterculture in Cambridge


Short documentary (2010)

This documentary reflects the interviewees’ memories of the 60s in Cambridge and addresses their powerful conclusions about the impact of the 60s alternative generation on the present time.

Reflections: Sixties Counterculture in Cambridge – full interviews

Mark Blake (Music Journalist & Author)

John Watkins (Musician & Illustrator)

Warren Dosanjh (Entrepreneur & Author)

Richard Jacobs (Designer & Illustrator)

Stephen Pyle (Sculptor)

Bruce Males (Designer & Illustrator)

Sue Unwin (Acquaintance of Syd Barrett)

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Diana McKenna
Stephen Pyle
Warren Dosanjh
Annie Stewart
Richard Jacobs
Bruce Males
Mick Brown

Directed, photographed, produced and conceived by
Alexandros Papathanasiou

Co-directed and co-produced by
Kameron Stroud

Animation, special effects & post-production 
Daniel Brand

Animation’s set design 
Rachael Ross

Alexander Smirnov
Luke Marsh

Music score
Alexandros &
Christos Stylianou

Cambridge School of Arts

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