THE REPORT – An Uncertain Future

Documentary video tape (in 3 parts) of ‘The Report’ program, Islam Channel Ltd. (2016)

The filmmaker Alexandros Papathanasiou takes a special look at the plight of Syrian refugees in Greece.

Since 2016 the changes to EU migration laws mean that thousands of refugees can no longer enter Western Europe. Alexandros spent a week in Athens and followed the dramatic fortunes of one Syrian woman, Ibtisam Mohammed Khair.

In the last of three reports Alexandros reflects the compassion shown by Greek citizens and hostility shown by others towards the plight of refugees. 

He ends his report leaving Ibtisam with an ‘Uncertain Future.’


Ibtisam Mohammed Khair
Ioanna Agrafa

Directed, researched, written, filmed, edited & produced by
Alexandros Papathanasiou

thanks to
Panos Papafragkos
Khalil Charles

Produced and broadcasted by
Islam Channel Ltd.

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