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A love song to the mindless drudgery and hopeless alienation of office work. A dynamic mix of dance theatre and professional wrestling.

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An Antonin Artaud Performance Centre at Brunel University London

A performance by
The Dangerologists:
Broderick Chow
Tom Wells

Wrestling trainer
Jamie Lewis Hadley

Additional direction and support
Louise Owen

Choreographed by
Tom Wells & Broderick Chow

Stage Manager
Elliot O’Brart

Matt Wright
Jamie Rosser

Front of House
Danny Kent
Kiesha Lynch
George Coates

Camera Operators
Therese Koppe
Jessica Van Lachterop
Alexandros Papathanasiou

Video post-Production
Alexandros Papathanasiou

Performed on the 6th of December 2012

‘Work Songs’

Tom Wells
Broderick Chow

‘You Beat Kicks Back Like Death’
(Jens Lekman original by Scout Niblet)

‘Mercedes Benz’
(Janis Joplin)

‘Enjoy Your Worries, you may never have them again’
(The Books)

‘Printer Jam’

‘Take On Me’
(Anni B.Sweet)
(Originally recorded by A-HA)

‘Whithout You’
Mariah Carey
(Original by Badfinger)


Thanks to
The British Council & Brunel University
The Centre for Contemporary Theatre (London)
Janet & Mr Tom Wells
Carlo Ghidini & Panos Papafragkos
Gavin Mathers & Hugh Frost-Wellings
Turn Festival of Dance
Morag Deyes & Dance Base Edinburgh
Alexander Perryman
Daniel Baszak & Diskurs ’12 Festival

Directed, written, choreographed and performed by
Tom Wells & Broderick Chow

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