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The Crack (trailer)

Full length drama. Phil Vasili (2012)

A father/son odyssey. Simeon French lives a double life: machismo labourer in his dad Billy’s building firm by day, coke fuelled cross-dressing diarist through the night. Only his grounded girlfriend Sarah keeps his head from exploding. 

However Billy’s misguided generosity in employing local waifs and strays and Simeon’s subsequent muleing for the manor’s public school drug baron, Belinda, lays bare the irrepressible contradictions in Simeon’s life.

Despite his own world caving in Billy conjures an imaginative solution to his son’s dilemmas in an attempt to rekindle some peace and harmony in Simeon’s life.

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Director & writer
Phil Vasili

Produced by
Eddie Shevlin, Reeta Varpama, Phil Vasili, Jason Haymer

Reeta Varpama, Antiom Barkun, Karl Laufer

1st Assistant Director
Nuvia Perez de Griffiths

2nd Assistant Director
Elliot Linke
Alisha Manandhar

Director of Photography
Alexandros Papathanasiou*

Camera operator
Alexandros Papathanasiou

1st Assistant Camera (Focus puller)
Adam Broder

2nd Assistant Camera (Clapper/Loader)
Anna Burns

Adam Broder

Chief Lighting Technician/Gaffer
Ned Addrison 

Assistant Electrician
James Wakeling

2nd Camera Unit/Camera Operator
Rory Gault

Production Designer
Kirsty Thomas

Art Director
Tyfene Vally

Costume Design
Karin D.Read

Make up Artists
Fiona Cain
Ally Pierpoint
Tyfen Vally

Set Designer
Matt Richmond 

Additional Crew
Dean Dodds
Matthew Swan

Artful Productions Ltd.

*In the trailer my credit appears as ‘Alexandros Hermes’

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