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Bodies of Memory

Documentation of installation at Tate Britain (excerpt). Fiona Templeton (2013)

Performance burns up in its very performing, and is gone. But in the bodies of its performers, in the minds’ eyes of its viewers, it is burned in, and can live again in action and telling, becoming a new performance.


Heather Ackroyd
Gina Birch
Frank Bock
David Gale
Helena Goldwater
Dave Goulding
Anthony Howell 
Yoko Ishiguro
Glenys Johnson
Lois Keidan
Joe Kelleher
Calum F. Kerr
Kristen Kreider
Paulina Lara Franco
Richard Layzell
Angeliki Margeti
Brigid McLeer
Katharine Meynell
Hannah Millest 
Lucy Neal
James O’Leary
Redell Olsen
Miranda Payne
Lorena Peña
Hester Reeve
Lara Ritosa Roberts
Donna Rutherford
Graeme Shaw
Steve Slater
Gary Stevens
Minna Stevens
Peter Stickland
Howard Tong
Amikam Toren
Simon Vincenzi
Caroline Wilkinson
Silvia Ziranek

Documented by
Alexandros Papathanasiou and Caritta Thornton
with additional material by performance participants

Alexandros Papathanasiou

Invited and coordinated by
Fiona Templeton and Orlagh Woods
for Acts of Legacy

Curated and produced by
Orlagh Woods on behalf of New Work Network (NWN)
for Late at Tate Britain
Tate Britain, October 5, 2012

Late at Tate Britain
Rosie Burley, Madeleine Keep, Adrian Shaw and Olga Smith

Special thanks to
Alessandra Cianetti and Lorena Peña as NWN Interns
and to Brunel University

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